Original Manufacturer of Aviation and Classic Jackets Since 1910 !

The Cooper family has a long tradition of making superbly functional and distinctive jackets in
the finest quality leather. From 1917-1918, the Cooper family made raincoats for the Army, and
from 1941-1945 they continuously made the original and revised Field Jackets. In World War II
Neil Cooper made leather A-2 jackets for the Army/Air Corps. From 1988-1997, the Cooper
family made US Navy G-1 and US Air Force A-2 leather flight jackets that have been worn by
thousands of pilots and ground crew.
In 1996 Cooper Sportswear was awarded a contract from the DSCP in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to redesign the A-2
jacket to be more functional and to improve the fit. Side entry pockets were added directly to the patch pockets and
inside wallet pockets were added. The fit was enlarged and underarm grommets were added for ventilation. Thus, the
collaboration with the US Air Force and Cooper Sportswear created the current military spec A-2.

Neil Cooper continues the tradition. In our USA factories, we take pride in making military and school apparel such as
dress uniforms, blazers, trousers, skirts, shirts, overcoats, and chokers.

The US Air Force A-2 and the US Navy G-1 flyer’s jackets represent 1000’s of stories handed down by pilots and ground
personnel from WWII to the present time. These popular jackets inspire current day pilots to walk in the footsteps of
aviation legends. Cooper leather flying jackets are built to be true to the spirit and character of the original. Our
authentic A-2 leather flight jacket is adorned with the Cooper Orange label and the G-1 displays the Cooper Navy label
to identify them as the genuine article.
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About the A-2 jacket - Made in the U.S.A. by Neil Cooper USA

The Finest U.S. Air Force A-2 Flying Jacket
The A-2 leather Flying Jacket is one of the most famous pieces of battle gear in history. This illustrious badge of honor worn by top U.
S. combat pilots in WWII for protection and comfort signified the owner as an elite, courageous warrior. With courage and daring,
pilots of the Army Air Corps took to the skies wearing their A-2 to engage the enemy.

Made in the USA
The Cooper family was an original manufacturer of the A-2 jacket for the U.S. Army Air Corps during WWII. Today, Cooper USA
produces the US Air Force A-2 jacket to the 1988 military specification that was issued to our pilots during Operation Desert Storm in
its USA factory. Each jacket is built for long life from premium, supple goatskin. The goatskins are hand cut and hand stitched to
military specification. Details include regulation snap-down collar, shoulder epaulets, snap-close pockets, knit cuffs and waistband
and comfortable cotton blend lining. We offer the A-2 in brown, sizes 34-60 regular and long. A Certificate of Authenticity is shipped
with every Cooper U.S. Air Force Flying Jacket.

The A-2 Design for the 21st Century
We’ve created the Tomahawk, a variation on the original A-2 jacket. In addition to snap-close patch pockets, the Tomahawk features
practical side entry hand warmer pockets, plus an inside pocket. Constructed from the same brown goatskin as our original A-2 and
offered at the same price, the Tomahawk advances the design while remaining true to the original. Sizing XS-5XL regular and long.
About the authentic G-1 jacket - Made in the U.S.A. by Neil Cooper USA
Since 1938 the type G-1 flight jacket has been regulation issue gear to pilots of the United States Navy. Cooper USA is proud to make
authentic military specification G-1 flyer’s jackets.

Beginning in 1988, Cooper Sportswear Mfg. Co. made the modern day US Navy G-1. This is the same jacket supplied by the Cooper
family to the Navy and Marine pilots in Operation Desert Storm. Today, Neil Cooper of the original Cooper family still produces these
jackets in its USA factory. A Certificate of Authenticity is shipped with every Cooper U.S. Navy Flying Jacket.

What distinguishes our G-1 from the crowd is the fine quality goatskin. We make an extra effort to select fine quality military
specification leather and to match the skins to create a uniform appearance. The Cooper USA type G-1 is made with official detail,
action back, and inside map pocket. Military spec zipper and fasteners ensure durability even with the most rugged kind of wear. This
is the actual jacket supplied to U.S. Navy aviators. This is the modern day G-1 and so the collar is made of synthetic pile (model
3110). We also make it available with a genuine mouton (sheep wool) top collar (model 3111). Our heritage of fine leather, enduring
craftsmanship, and innovative styling is acknowledged and prized.
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To insure lasting beauty, these hints and suggestions are offered Cooper USA in cooperation with LEATHERCRAFT
PROCESS, the universally recommended service for the cleaning and refinishing of leather. The genuine grain leather used in
this garment is fashioned from choice skins, selected for their beauty, softness and durability. Each garment is made from a
number of skins, carefully matched without losing their unique natural markings and differences. Leather is windproof, making
this garment ideal for cold weather. Natural porosity permits the jacket to ‘breathe’ making your garment comfortable for all
seasons in any climate. Genuine grain leather is a very durable material. Your garment will retain its beauty if you follow these
simple suggestions.

· Use a sponge to remove dust or fibers.
· You may want to wear a scarf to keep the neckline clean.
· Do not store in plastic bag.
· Do not attempt to launder by hand or machine.
· Do not dry clean by ordinary methods.
· Avoid cleaning fluids or abrasives as they may discolor the leather.
· Store you leather jacket on a wide wooden hanger
. Do not use a wire hanger. Use a leather or cloth garment bag or let it hang freely.
· If your jacket gets wet, do not expose it to heat. Dry in the air on a wooden hanger.
· Regularly brush suede and nubuck and don’t use chemicals.

If you wish to press your garment:
· Set iron at lowest setting.
· Do not use steam.
· Place heavy brown paper between iron and surface of leather.
· Press one panel at a time constantly moving the iron to avoid overheating. When your garment needs cleaning care:

· Cooper USA recommends the LEATHERCRAFT PROCESS.
· Send your garment directly to LEATHERCRAFT PROCESS
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NEIL COOPER USA VINTAGE LEATHER JACKETS  - History of the Neil Cooper Family
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Cooper government production history

· Raincoats were manufactured for the Army between the years 1917-1918.
· Original & revised Field Jackets were made continuously during WWII and after WWII and   covered the years 1941-
· Cooper made winter climate field jackets in 1943-44.
· Cooper Sportswear made the A-2 jacket in 1942 until discontinued in 1945.
· Cooper Sportswear received the first modern day A-2 contract issued in 1988. The contract   amount was 53,000 units
or $5.3 million. Cooper Sportswear won other A-2 contracts through   1997.
· Cooper Sportswear won the first modern day award for the US Navy and Marines G-1 flyer’s   jackets. The award was
issued in 1989 and Cooper manufactured G-1’s steadily through 1997.
· Neil Cooper USA was awarded a Jr. ROTC Uniform jackets contract in 1998.